Project Description

Gretchen Fox

CEO & Founder, Head of Social Monetization

Hello! I founded [made to order] to help people transform their business for success in the digital age. My work has led to over $20 Million in revenue from social channels, I have trained and guided hundreds of marketers across North America and have led social programs for some of the biggest artists in the world and some of the most powerful executives in the music, sports and business world. But Fortune 500 companies and top executives aren’t the only people I help. I especially delight in working with startups and entrepreneurs. While being a Co-founder of a full-service social media agency, coaching entrepreneurs, speaking and contributing to Forbes online keeps me very busy, empowering people to drive revenue and grow their business, makes it a total joy. When I’m not helping other people grow their businesses, I’m working on DIY projects with my husband, hiking with our two dogs and evolving to be the best me I can be.