Child Custody:
Having seen first-hand how California courts treat non-custodial parents in child custody matters, Ken Holder is firmly committed to fighting the often strategic task used by primary custodial parents to vengefully “close the door” on their child’s relationship to the other parent. Ken’s commitment is not exclusively to fathers. This commitment is made to any parent placed at an extreme disadvantage by what has clearly become an uncaring family court system. In addition, this commitment is also made to your children, who because of their youth, most likely do not understand that the gradual destruction of their relationship with you is even taking place.

As a state certified mediator working for the Orange County Court system, Ken Holder developed a unique strategy of patience and a detail-oriented approach to reach settlement agreements and to repair contract relationships between what were initially adverse parties. Where many mediators work off of a “canned” boilerplate type of agreement, Ken treats every mediated dispute individually so that no issue goes unnoticed and as a result, every agreement results in a uniquely drafted document in which both parties experience a high level of input.